Temp Internet Files Deleter

This is a script that deletes a lot of temporary internet files without any confirmation.

This removes each subdirectory within “content.ie5” within each user profile on a machine. It prints the current time, the directory to be removed, and removes the directory.
NOTE: This is just one long line

  1. Copy / Paste iedeskall.bat into notepad and save as iedeskall.bat
  2. Run iedeskall.bat
  3. Take a break (you deserve it you script kiddie)

for /d %%d in ("C:documents and settings*") do (if exist "%%dLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5" for /d %%e in ("%%dLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5*") do (time /t & echo %%e & rd /s /q "%%e"))

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