Windows Media 9 Automatic Encoder

So, streaming audio… to more than a few people… I managed to put together something that has been pretty much rock solid for over a year using nothing but what we had laying around.  SUCCESS!

Encoder Setup

Windows Media Encoder 9 Series

Windows Media Encoder 9 Series SDK

SRVSTART (Runs a command as a service)

A very old version of Centurion Guard (

Windows XP Pro

To make things simpler, I moved wmcmd.vbs from the default installation location (C:WMSDKWMEncSDK9samplesvbwmcmdWmcmd.vbs) to something easier to remember (C:wmeWmcmd.vbs)

Hint: This is what I used for my srvstart.ini
startup=C:WINDOWSsystem32cscript.exe "C:wmewmcmd.vbs" -adevice 1 -broadcast 8080 -silent -profile a32 -duration 604800 -title "Radio Station Name"

I set the audio levels of the integrated audio and danced a jig because the audio device started before logon, so running as a service is great success!

Then I set the hostname to something descriptive and locked the computer with the Centurion Guard.

Server Setup

We already had a Windows Media Services server running, so this isn’t too incredibly difficult… I just added a mountpoint for the streaming audio, set the source as  http://hostname:8080, set limits (we currently allow 7mbit/s which is around 210 listeners with some overhead spared for fast start)

Windows Media Services Ports (If it isn’t already configured, allow these through your firewall)

Display / Presentation

There are many options for publishing… We decided it would best to embed it within a webpage for displaying promotional materials

Embed code for WMA that seems to work on all platforms (assuming codecs are available)

Another option that works really well is to just host an ASX file on your webserver. (ASX files are nothing but playlist files that point to the media)
<asx version="3.0">
<title>Radio Station Name</title>
<ref href="
mms://external-hostname.tld/mountpoint" />
<copyright>©20-whatever Radio Station Name</copyright>

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