Home Automation

I’ve been thinking about home automation again lately. I’m not exactly happy with X-10, but the price is close to what I can afford for now. The software has been pretty much reduced to a couple perl scripts calling heyu connected to my CM11a X-10 serial port interface… but I can dream.

I’m quite inspired by these projects.

Both of these programs will do voice control. I really like the open mic setup Jim Lipsit is using.

I really like the idea of a magic mirror, but I don’t really need the whole magic mirror setup. The second link has a pretty nice updated mirror mirror talking floating head that should work pretty well with TTS feedback from the home automation software. Just to give it some personality.

I also really like the idea of energy monitoring. Homeseer pro has a plugin for TED 1001 w/ Footprints

I also really like 1wire temperature monitoring devices. There is a plugin for Homeseer for that too.

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