emaxland eBay Resolution Center Review

Part 1 Part 2

eBay gave me my money back when the seller wouldn’t. I wasted close to a month on this, but got my $ back in the end. Thanks eBay, but fuck emaxland or bargaincell or BargainCell.com or whatever name they’re using to scam now.

eBay Customer Support has refunded you through PayPal and the case is closed. Oct 04, 2011 at 1:08 PM
Refund information:
We issued you a $29.99 refund to the PayPal account that you used to purchase this item. Please log in to PayPal and view the History page if you don’t see it in your PayPal balance.
Final decision:
The case has been closed in your favor.
eBay Customer Support comments:
“You have been issued a courtesy refund by eBay.”

Welp, it has been more than a week since the last message promising a refund in 5-7 days. I can see why eBay would encourage buyers and sellers to work it out, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Apparently I get to sit tight for a day or three.

You have asked eBay Customer Support to review this case

Please give us 48 hours to review the information you provided and come back with our final decision via email and the Resolution Center. Depending on the case details, we may need more time but will try our hardest not to keep you waiting for more than 72 hours. You do not need to respond or communicate further with the seller.

You can also view the details of this case at any time in the Resolution Center.

Message with request for escalation follows

Item was listed as new.

When it arrived, it was not in retail packaging. It was clearly used. It was dirty, the shiny part was peeling from someone else’s sweat, and the side had a mark where the plastic is melted, like cigarette ash would do. I tried charging it and they were broken.

Pictures of the headphones emaxland sold as new are available at: http://www.ragingcomputer.com/2011/09/emaxland-ebay/

Communication with seller has not been productive. The first message had nothing to do with this transaction. The second message directed me to the manufacturer for warranty, which is impossible because product was not new in original packaging and contains no proof of purchase. The third message informed me they have no replacements and offered me cheaper and inferior alternatives that are unsuited to the purposes of the original product.

I then opened a resolution center case. The first message demanded I obtain a RMA number. One was not provided with this message or the following message.

I sent the item back to the return address on the original shipping label.

Item has been returned “USPS Label Number: 70090820000185004622”

The seller has responded to your case with other solution. Sep 26, 2011 at 11:05 PM
Seller’s message:
“Dear Customer, Your full refund has been processed, please allow 5-7 days for it to clear and show up to your account.”

Refund was promised but has not been provided.

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