Web… Apprentice?

This post is a bit of a placeholder for things I don’t want to misplace.

Google Analytics is fantastic. It’s free and gives ya a pretty good idea of what people are looking for and at on your site.

There are more powerful web analytics tools available, like Crazy Egg, but not they aren’t free.
It’s also a good idea to look at Webalizer or AWStats if your host provides them.

Most CMS software does a pretty good job of keeping everything in your site tidy, but it’s very helpful to have feedback from the search engines. Google’s webmaster tools are pretty awesome. Bing kinda sucks, but its good to keep an eye on too.

I’ve been looking into all this webmaster stuff for a local small business. Of course it’s a great idea to make sure all the information is correct on the search engines local search pages.

I’ve been reading about SEO and I’m convinced the concept is pretty simple. Create content that people want to see using phrases they’d be using to find it, and make it easy for the search engines to find and process.

If you’re a business, write content that answers your customers questions. If blogging, write about something you’d write about anyway and make sure google can index it.

I’ve also set up google adsense on my site. I’m not expecting to reach the payment threshold anytime soon. It’s mostly another way to measure improvement.

Also, if you’re looking to start your own site, I’m a big fan of wordpress hosted on hostgator

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