Fixing Laser Module

When I rebuilt the cat laser after the hail storm, I bought a 650nm 5mW laser module.3.2V 12x30mm on eBay from AixiZ Service and International LLC. Shipping speed was great. I would definitely recommend buying from them.

Fast forward a couple months, I broke off a wire from the laser module. This was my own fault and due to rough handling (I dropped it a couple times).

Anyway, to open the laser, the casing screws apart. If you care about not scratching it, remove cut the label and wrap it in tape before unscrewing with pliers. The inside was covered in a rubbery adhesive. I cut that out with an x-acto knife.

I have decided that my new Weller WESD51 was a good choice. Between that and the helping hands, this was one of the easiest soldering jobs I have done.

I covered the exposed wires with hot glue before closing the module back up and hot gluing the wires to the hole they pass through. All in all, a quick repair.









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