Yahoo Mail POP Gmail – Second Rant

I’m done with Yahoo! Mail. I was unhappy in my last rant. I never did receive a reply from Yahoo’s tech support.

Previous rant:

I had read in several places that people had luck setting their mail to forward instead of getting POP, so I tried to set the forwarding address to my Gmail account. Yahoo mail makes you confirm the forwarding address. The confirmation email never came. I checked my spam folder in Gmail and everything. (Side note: 99 out of 100 of spam messages in my gmail account were POP’d in from Yahoo in the once or twice a day yahoo decides to let it work).

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but I have to wonder with this. Is Yahoo actively preventing people from switching to an alternative mail service? I can’t believe the confirmation email was legitimately lost in all 3 attempts I made on separate days. I suspect Yahoo is failing to send the confirmation email for email forwarding. This leads me to believe either Yahoo is incompetent and can’t guarantee the delivery of its email, or is engaging in underhanded practices to stop the loss of users. Either scenario is unacceptable.

If you’re having the same problems, I think there is only one solution. Switch to another mail service and stop using Yahoo. I’ve updated the email address on all my accounts to point to my gmail account now. Now that I don’t get any legitimate email through Yahoo mail, I’ve cancelled the Yahoo Plus.

So long, suckers.

One thought on “Yahoo Mail POP Gmail – Second Rant

  1. I look forward to doing the same. I have had my Yahoo email for more than 10 years. When I have time to update all my services to point to my gmail, I’ll be pulling the plug on Yahoo, too. They have a crappy blog hosting platform, too.


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