Google Chrome Administration Cheat Sheet

Managing Google Chrome is a lot easier than Mozilla Firefox was! There are quite a few tools and they’re well documented! This is my cheat sheet. It’s based around windows xp and windows 7 since that’s what I mainly support at work.

Manual installation for all users
Chrome Offline Installer – Alternate Installer for all user accounts – .exe file

Install Chrome for all user accounts – Install Instructions

“After you’ve installed Chrome through alternate installer, users who’ve already installed Chrome in their user accounts will be notified that the browser has updated to a system-wide version the next time they sign in and open the browser. In some cases, they may need to recreate their profile information, such as bookmarks and browsing history, if they were formerly using a more recent version of the browser.”

Silent installation for all users
Chrome Offline Installer – MSI package for all user accounts – .msi file

Just install the MSI
msiexec /q /i “\serverpathtoGoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise.msi”

Issues / Gotchas
Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. I had chrome installed under my user before. When I launched chrome after installing the all user version, it removed the install under my user. It did not show a window and would not open when I clicked chrome again. Killing the processes or rebooting fixes it.

Management Templates
Even more fun! Templates for managing chrome settings!

Group Policy Templates

Available Policy List

Automatic Silent Updates

Of course one of the reasons to love Google Chrome is security! Automatic updates for all user administrative installation doesn’t require user privilege escalation!

Installation / Automatic Update Information

A little more detail in how the silent updates work

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