Jukebox Controls: In Progress

So… with the screen strapped to the back of the craptop, I’ll need some way to control the jukebox. Cheap momentary pushbuttons from RadioShack seemed like a good way to go. This picture isn’t a finished piece, but it shows the buttons wired up into a spare piece of plexiglas for testing. The buttons doContinue reading “Jukebox Controls: In Progress”

Jukebox Controls Research

The internet is filled with very helpful people. Almost any project you can imagine has been at least attempted by someone somewhere. These links might be useful: This link has a great explanation of how to use a keyboard for arcade controls. http://www.dribin.org/dave/keyboard/one_html/ This is an example of someone that has already done what IContinue reading “Jukebox Controls Research”

Jukebox Hardware Recipe

I have a laptop with a broken hinge that refused to run the latest version of Xubuntu. It annoyed me and was approaching useless. Here’s the plan: Spare Parts (Better than the money-cost kind) Acer TravelMate 515TE Pentium 2 300MHz laptop 3Com PCMCIA NIC Old keyboard Miscelaneous wires Soldering Supplies New parts (The money-cost kind)Continue reading “Jukebox Hardware Recipe”