Jukebox Hardware Recipe

I have a laptop with a broken hinge that refused to run the latest version of Xubuntu. It annoyed me and was approaching useless.

Here’s the plan:

Spare Parts (Better than the money-cost kind)

  1. Acer TravelMate 515TE Pentium 2 300MHz laptop
  2. 3Com PCMCIA NIC
  3. Old keyboard
  4. Miscelaneous wires
  5. Soldering Supplies

New parts (The money-cost kind)

  1. Plywood
  2. Plexiglas
  3. Misc connectors (screws/nails/bolts)
  4. Krylon Fusion Spray Paint
  5. Radio Shack momentary pushbuttons
  6. Terminal Strip

Mix with a healthy dose of free time and cook in the basement until completed.

XML Boxes

Summertime gets kinda crazy at work… Gotta have some silliness to keep some sanity. I think XML for a pile of trash is silly enough.

Who would have known empty boxes use UTF-8?

That’s more than a couple boxes!

Gotta make sure the rest of the hallway doesn’t get thrown away. 😛