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That’s more than a few Post-It notes

What to do with a few extra Post-It notes… I had already seen mario done in Post-Its… I had already done Shadow (Blinky the Pac-Man ghost)…

Since my (now ex-girlfriend) Lindsey was out of town and I had to go to her house to feed her critters anyways I figured I would do something to her room. I drew a heart in Paint Shop Pro and used the pixelate filter to get the general shape of the heart and letters. After a few adjustments and some tweaking, I had the design.

After work, I went to Lindsey’s house and used a tape measure, masking tape, and a pencil to get the starting points. Everything else fell into place based off the first few Post-Its.

That was the easy part… On each Post-It note in the heart, I have written something I love about her. There are 46 Post-Its in the heart. The first 25 or 30 were pretty easy, but coming up with something original after that isn’t that easy. I found it was easier to write on the Post-Its on the wall than on the pad.

I think it turned out pretty well…

XML Boxes

Summertime gets kinda crazy at work… Gotta have some silliness to keep some sanity. I think XML for a pile of trash is silly enough.

Who would have known empty boxes use UTF-8?

That’s more than a couple boxes!

Gotta make sure the rest of the hallway doesn’t get thrown away. 😛