MythTV Roku Streaming Dir Remove Expired

This is just a quick and dirty script to delete MythTV recordings that had been previously transcoded and moved to the stream directory, but have since been autoexpired out of MythTV. This is an issue because trying to pull data outta the MythTV recording database about a recording that has been deleted causes an errorContinue reading “MythTV Roku Streaming Dir Remove Expired”

Cable Modem Monitoring w/ Perl

I was wondering what the signal really does at the cable modem, so I’m scraping it with perl and WWW::Curl::Easy Modem Information: Cox Communications Motorola Surfboard SB5101 All I’m doing is grabbing the signal status page from the modem and pulling out the signal quality data using perl. If you have this page, you’re probablyContinue reading “Cable Modem Monitoring w/ Perl”

ustream automated broadcast

Here’s the live streaming laser kitties broadcasting by Ustream They stream live for 15 minutes at the top of every hour. How does such magic happen automatically?

Automated User Input

I’m not a fan of doing tedious things over and over, so I try to engineer around the problems, if possible. I’ve sanitized the scripts below a little, but the general idea is still there. We had a medication dispensing cart that didn’t have a bulk user manager, so all user accounts had to beContinue reading “Automated User Input”