Cat Annoyance

I got an Arduino Uno for Christmas last year, and of course the first thing I think of is laser pointer turret. I played with this for months while I learned the basics of Arduino programming. It was knocked apart when hail totaled my Trailblazer.

To simplify rebuilding the turret, I bought a pan/tilt kit from trossen robotics. I upgraded the laser from a wal-mart cheapo with the buttons taped. Aixiz lasers are inexpensive and very easy to use. The aluminum mount is taped to the pan tilt kit.

650nm 5mW laser module.3.2V 12x30mm

12X30mm aluminum mount for AixiZ 12X30mm units

I actually bought my laser parts through eBay

The arduino and radio shack project boards are housed in a plastic bin I bought from wal-mart for a couple bucks. I hung it on the wall with a piece of decorative ribbon swiped from my girlfriend’s wrapping bin. I wanted to see the cats attacking the laser, so I dug out my webcam.


Hanging from the wall in place of a picture.

pan tilt servo kit

2 mp autofocus webcam I got on eBay for like $15

And of course they fall asleep when I’m ready to test it.

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