Home Assistant SNMP Switch for PoE on Cisco 3750

Using the Home Assistant SNMP Switch component with my Cisco 3750 PoE switch, it’s possible to enable or disable PoE on a switch port.

This post on a thread about saving energy via PoE got me close enough to manage the rest.

In the example below, i’m controlling PoE on port 41.

SNMP enabled in your switch

IP address, Read-write community string, and OID for the specific port

To find the OID, I’ll use snmpwalk, part of the snmp package
sudo apt-get install snmp

The specific command to find the OID for the port
snmpwalk -v2c -c community_name ip.add.re.ss

Sample output:
RagingComputer@HomeAssistant:~ $ snmpwalk -v2c -c community_name ip.add.re.ss
iso. = INTEGER: 1
iso. = INTEGER: 1

iso. = INTEGER: 1
iso. = INTEGER: 1
iso. = INTEGER: 1

iso. = INTEGER: 1

in my case, .5 is GigabitEthernet, and .41 is port 41.

Home Assistant SNMP Switch Config for PoE on Port 41
– platform: snmp
name: SNMP_switch_41
host: ip.add.re.ss
community: community_name
payload_on: 1
payload_off: 2

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