Pegboard & Portable Paint Caddy (Free Download)

Pegboard & Portable paint caddy. Keep 2oz Acrylic paint on the pegboard, carry them off when needed. Designed in Fusion360, made of 3mm baltic birch, cut on Glowforge Basic.

Free SVG download

I post processed 2 versions of this project:

3 mm material thickness

  • Paint_Caddy-3mm_Baltic_Birch-Part1.svg
  • Paint_Caddy-3mm_Baltic_Birch-Part2.svg

3.35 mm material thickness (WARNING UNTESTED):

  • Paint_Caddy-Medium_Draftboard-Part1.svg
  • Paint_Caddy-Medium_Draftboard-Part2.svg

Materials Used:

Download Files:

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3 thoughts on “Pegboard & Portable Paint Caddy (Free Download)

    1. Thank you for sharing!!! This is going to be great for my daughter! Right now all of her bottles are thrown in a grocery bag shoved in a small cabinet.


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