Controls In (And Working!)

I was finally able to put in the switches and hook up the controls tonight/this morning. Here it is. The jukebox software started right up and everything worked perfectly on the first try. Closeup of the buttons. The protective coating is still on the plexiglas. Here’s the rat-nest of wires in the back. I don’tContinue reading “Controls In (And Working!)”

Jukebox Controls: In Progress

So… with the screen strapped to the back of the craptop, I’ll need some way to control the jukebox. Cheap momentary pushbuttons from RadioShack seemed like a good way to go. This picture isn’t a finished piece, but it shows the buttons wired up into a spare piece of plexiglas for testing. The buttons doContinue reading “Jukebox Controls: In Progress”

Jukebox Controls Research

The internet is filled with very helpful people. Almost any project you can imagine has been at least attempted by someone somewhere. These links might be useful: This link has a great explanation of how to use a keyboard for arcade controls. This is an example of someone that has already done what IContinue reading “Jukebox Controls Research”