Panorama Robot

The menu for the panorama robot is slowly getting more useful as I learn how to make the menu structure. Once I figure out saving values between power cycles, I’ll be ready to mount the 16×2 LCD screen. Of course I can’t show the video without also showing the result (scaled to 50% to keepContinue reading “Panorama Robot”

Auto Panorama

I have mentioned panoramas before. This time, it got lazy. I’m sure things will improve, since this is the first run. It uses a lazy susan bearing, 2 Futaba S3004 servos, a Hitec HS-55 micro servo, an Arduino UNO SMD, a pile of brackets, bolts, boards and wires. I whipped up an arduino sketch thatContinue reading “Auto Panorama”

Waubonsie State Park Iowa

You should visit Waubonsie State Park near Hamburg, Iowa. The overlook is pretty cool. I managed to make a panorama while I was there. I made another high resolution picture behind the toilets of cabin #5        

Hitchcock Panorama

I went up to Hitchcock Nature Center and took some pictures. You should Like them on Facebook. NOTE: Requires Microsoft Silverlight Hitchcock Nature Center – 2011 Missouri River Flood Captured: 07/24/2011 20:00 Megapixels 540.79 360 interactive panorama from the observation tower Sunset photos from the observation tower Other interactiveContinue reading “Hitchcock Panorama”


My most recent high resolution interactive panorama created with Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor) hosted on NOTE: Requires Microsoft Silverlight Lewis and Clark Monument – 2011 Missouri River Flood Captured: 07/01/2011 17:15 2011 Megapixels 848.26 Link Link to my other panoramas on