Clonezilla DRBL

I needed to copy some computers. At work we use Altiris (now owned by symantec), but it was acting up yet again. I needed something easy to use, fast, and free. At work, we had used Ghost before getting Altiris, but what we have is so outdated, it isn’t worth using anymore. Thank goodness forContinue reading “Clonezilla DRBL”


XRDP is pretty cool! It’s an RDP to VNC gateway… The second link is where things get really cool. It can connect to VNC sessions on other computers! I now have something to do with my wyse RDP terminal that doesn’t require a windows box. 🙂,_installing I had the following issue / fixContinue reading “XRDP”

Time Lapse Webcam

Project Requirements At work we needed a time lapse camera of our new student center construction project. It needs to run continuously for entire length of construction project – approx 18 months. It should run mostly unattended. Features It captures 1 picture every 5 minutes. Storage capacity is cheap, so after using excel to makeContinue reading “Time Lapse Webcam”