Glowforge Cut Jewelry Holder (Free Download)

Designed in Fusion 360, modified in Adobe Illustrator, cut from 1/8in white acrylic using a Glowforge Basic

My wife wanted a place for the jewelry she wears regularly. Our house has been invaded by geometric shapes recently, so she wanted something more organic this time. I had recently found the Voronoi Sketch Generator for Fusion 360, which is perfect for this. My wife loves succulents, so I hot glued a couple on to complete the look.

Dimensions: 10 inches wide, 12.2 inches tall, just under 0.5 in thick

Assembly is pretty straight forward. There are 18 ovals that need to be stacked 3 tall and glued to the back so there’s enough room for the earring backs.

The inverted teardrop shape holds stud earrings firmly in place. The irregular openings are great for earrings with hooks. The hooks at the bottom are good for hoops, necklaces, bracelets, rings, whatever.

Materials Used:

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Download Files:

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