Single Line Art Electroluminescent Light Tutorial

Turn your own doodles into eye catching glowing wall decor! Full tutorial, tips, and materials list.

Files for blank box and pictured designs available at the end of this post under extremely permissive copyright terms. Please go and make your own design!

The process is pretty straight forward. Start with a single stroke line art. Measure the width of the sewing edge and subtract 0.12mm. Set the stroke width of the single stroke art to 0.83mm. Add circles at the end for the wire to poke through. Unit with pathfinder. Cut.

Insert the EL wire through the starting hole, notch the sewing edge so it can fold and sit flat. Insert sewing edge into slot through the entire design. Insert the free edge through the ending hole. Trim excess on the back. Push design flat and use A LOT of glue to hold the sewing edge in place and stiffen the piece.

Measure sewing edge (tail)
Start with single stroke artwork
Set stroke width to sewing edge (tail) width minus kerf
Object > Path > Outline Stroke
Add circles just a bit bigger than the electroluminescent wire
Select artwork outline and both ends, then Pathfinder > Unite
Ends should look sort of like this
Cut and assemble
Cut a notch for the tail to bend the wire over and pull in tight
Use pliers to pull the sewing edge (tail) to get EL wire flat to front surface
Continue working sewing edge into slot
With all sewing edge in slot, push against flat surface to make sure it’s well seated
Use like 2 tubes of super glue, just soak the sewing edge. This will greatly stiffen the piece
Seriously, use a lot of glue

Materials Used:

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