Hanging Diamond Planter – Laser Cut SVG File Optimized for Glowforge

SVG Files optimized for Glowforge Laser. NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT.
The planter works well as a single piece, or as a set of 3 with the included hanger shelf. Includes full color PDF instructions as well as link to video instructions.


  • Glowforge Proofgrade Medium Walnut Plywood (Planter)
  • Glowforge Proofgrade Thick Walnut Plywood (Shelf/Hooks)
  • Glowforge Proofgrade Medium Clear Acrylic (Planter)
  • Wood Glue or CA Glue
  • Acrylic Solvent Cement (Weld-On 3 Recommended)
  • Fine chain & jump ring for hanging

Tips for success

Assemble in exactly the order shown in the instructions.
The root system of these plants must be very shallow to fit in this planter. For this reason I recommend using artificial plants.


These files are Commercial Use License.
You MAY sell physical items made from these files You MAY NOT sell or distribute the files, instructions, or included pictures in any way.
Attribution is not required, but thank-yous and shout outs are always appreciated.

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