Hikvision Motion Detection in OpenHAB using node.js

Using a node.js module (node-hikvision-api) for accessing a hikvision camera’s built-in motion detection for use in OpenHAB It’s a little annoying how Hikvision exposes the motion events on their cameras. It’s a multipart http stream containing XML. See Hikvision manual Page 176 Section 8.11.30 /ISAPI/Event/notification/alertStream http://oversea-download.hikvision.com/uploadfile/Leaflet/ISAPI/HIKVISION%20ISAPI_2.0-IPMD%20Service.pdf node-hikvision-api abstracts that away a bit so hikmotion.js canContinue reading “Hikvision Motion Detection in OpenHAB using node.js”

rtlamr Power Meter Data in OpenHAB

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could monitor your electricity usage with OpenHAB for less than 20 bucks with the same accuracy your power company uses for billing? Using an inexpensive rtl-sdr dongle, it’s possible to listen for signals from ERT compatible smart meters using rtlamr. This script runs as a daemon, launches rtl_tcp andContinue reading “rtlamr Power Meter Data in OpenHAB”

Controlling Android Tablet Screen with OpenHAB and ADB

Wouldn’t it be cool to control an android device’s wake and sleep from OpenHAB? I’ve strapped a couple tablets to the wall with command strips. I’m using them to control OpenHAB. Gotta get ’em working well enough to gain wife approval before doing anything more permanent. I was griping about turning my tablet screens onContinue reading “Controlling Android Tablet Screen with OpenHAB and ADB”

Auto-login / full screen with Milestone XProtect Go Smart Client 2014

I love Milestone XProtect. I manage a pretty large system at work, so I was excited to run the XProtect Go free software at home. The free version has some limitations, like 5 days of recording, up to 8 cameras, and the annoying part, a nag screen when launching the client. For simple things likeContinue reading “Auto-login / full screen with Milestone XProtect Go Smart Client 2014”

Taking over an ADT Alarm and integrating it with OpenHAB

As you can see from previous posts, I’ve started automating my house. There was an ADT alarm system installed. I was given a user code, but that was it. I opted not to pay ADT’s ridiculous monthly fee since reasonable monitoring can be had for $10/month. Looking at the panel, I have a Safewatch ProContinue reading “Taking over an ADT Alarm and integrating it with OpenHAB”

Using Perl and ImageMagick to Generate Meme Image Macros

Sometimes I feel a need to automate some meme generation. Luckily I found this incredibly helpful blogpost from jackmeme. http://www.jackmeme.com/blog.php?id=1 I used it as inspiration and did something similar in Perl. Of course the Imagemagick perl-magick reference was invaluable. http://www.imagemagick.org/script/perl-magick.php The first thing I thought of with automated meme generation? The Weather! See my previousContinue reading “Using Perl and ImageMagick to Generate Meme Image Macros”

Weather Underground ( wunderground ) XML API with Perl

Weather data is pretty cool to play with. Especially when playing with home automation or just turning the current weather conditions into a meme. For example: Weather for Omaha, Nebraska on 4/13/2014 at 16:00 [text] raging@virtualbox3:~/weather$ perl grabweather.pl Forecast – Today: weekday: Sunday high: 61 low: 27 precip: 100 cond: Thunderstorm month: 4 day: 13Continue reading “Weather Underground ( wunderground ) XML API with Perl”