Quilting Ruler Design Tips for Cutting with Glowforge Laser

My wife wanted a quarter square triangle ruler. I put her Instagram logo on it. Since it’s very close in design to a commercial product, I’m not sharing the complete file, instead asking that you support the original designer.

This post is more inspiration for designing your own custom ruler. Materials list (with links) and selected elements of the design are available at the end of this post.

Designed in Fusion 360, Logo added in Adobe Illustrator, cut from 1/8in clear cast acrylic using a Glowforge Basic.

Lessons Learned:

  • After some testing, it became clear that using a single kerf cut was best for keeping the rotary cutter on track.
  • Rounding the entry slot into the cut path led to getting the rotary cutter caught on the edge of the acrylic.
  • Fill engraving & score lines to improve visibility. Pick fill color that contrasts with the most common fabric colors you will use
  • If paint bleeds into the cutting slots, wipe out with damp cloth after paint has started to tack, but has not cured

Below are the dimensions of the entry slot that seem to work.

Materials Used:

Back Story:

My wife got into quilting in a big way. That means I get to be into quilting too because somehow quilting is a family affair.

Download Files:

LICENSE NOTE: Only the files in quilting_ruler_elements.zip are Creative Commons Zero licensed.

All other content is copyright 2021 Ben Johnson All Rights Reserved

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