Tabletop Fire Pit – Indoor S’Mores – SVG Files optimized for Glowforge Laser (Free Download)

3.0mm B/BB Baltic Birch OR Glowforge Proofgrade Medium Draftboard
Designed in Fusion360, cut on a Glowforge Basic. Easily customized with Glowforge Premium.

It’s winter outside. Let’s bring all that fun inside and roast marshmallows. Who wants S’Mores?!

Design is provided without any art work on side panels. This is intended to be personalized.


Assembly is all tab & slot assembly. Glue is not required but is recommended.


The fire pit is intentionally taller than the can of fuel. This is to completely surround the can of fuel. Place gravel on the bottom deep enough to bring the top of the can even with the top ring. Fill around the fuel with gravel until just under the top ring. The entire fire pit should be filled.

Light and toast marshmallows for S’Mores!

Materials Used:


  • These files are Commercial Use License.
  • You MAY sell physical items made from these files You MAY NOT sell or distribute the files, instructions, or included pictures in any way
  • Attribution is not required, but thank-yous and shout outs are always appreciated

Download Files:

Back Story

My daughter got a camping themed Koala Crate from KiwiCo and really wanted to make S’Mores but it’s winter outside.
Let’s do this! Who doesn’t love S’Mores?!

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