Quilt Design Wall – Flannel Layout Wall

My wife is really into quilting. When I had some time off work, I spent it redoing her office/sewing room. One of the major features she wanted was a design wall.

Design Wall Construction

The core of the design wall is 2 sheets of 1 inch thick extruded polystyrene insulation board from Home Depot. It’s covered with a white flannel sheet. To keep make everything appear an even color when it’s done, I painted the non-printed side white of the insulation board, then taped the insulation board together with white gorilla tape. The printed side will face the wall. The flannel sheet is wrapped around the edges, taped on the back with gorilla tape, then stapled through both tape and sheet.

Design Wall Mounting

To keep the design wall from getting beaten up by the vacuum cleaner, it’s attached to the wall a few inches above the floor.

Just running a screw through the insulation board won’t work because it would just pull through and fall off the wall. A washer is required to spread the clamping force across a larger surface. Instead of using a plain washer, we cut some floral corners to disguise the washer.

Overall Space

The whole point is to make this an inviting workspace where she can feel inspired to make cool stuff.

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