Tree House Dollhouse – SVG Files Optimized for Glowforge Laser

SVG Files optimized for Glowforge Laser. NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. Tree house dollhouse, great art project to put together and paint with your kid. Designed to fit within a Glowforge Basic working area.

Laser time approx 13 minutes, 3 sheets 3mm baltic birch or 3 sheets medium draftboard

  • 3mm B/BB Baltic Birch (2.95-3.05mm actual for no glue fit) OR Glowforge Proofgrade Medium Draftboard (3.1-3.2mm actual for no glue fit)
  • Wood Glue (Recommend Titebond II)

Tips for Success:

  • Use a small amount of glue to avoid squeeze-out
  • Most pieces are symmetrical and will fit many ways. Only the roof pieces are directional


These files are Commercial Use License.
You MAY sell physical items made from these files You MAY NOT sell or distribute the files, instructions, or included pictures in any way.
Attribution is not required, but thank-yous and shout outs are always appreciated.

Back Story:

I often ask my daughter “What are you thinking about?”. Recently the answer was always “I thinking bout making a tree house”. So a tree house we made. We drew the idea on her art paper, then I imported into Fusion360 and turned into a real item. We then cut the pieces on my Glowforge, glued them together, and painted.

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