Pumpkin Decorating Kit – Punpkin Push-in Pokers – SVG Files optimized for Glowforge Laser (Free Download)


3.0mm B/BB Baltic Birch OR any material with thickness from 2.75-3.25mm
Designed in Fusion360, cut on a Glowforge Basic

Kid Friendly: Designed with pointy parts detached until final assembly to make painting or coloring with markers much safer.


Assembly for glasses is snap-fit, the rest are just pinned through the holes to the pumpkin. Glue wasn’t required for me, but use your own judgement.

Warning: pins are intentionally made sharp. Keep out of reach of children. Adult supervision required when pushing pins into pumpkin. I could make more obvious statements, just use your best judgement.

Materials Used:

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  • These files are Creative Commons Zero licensed.
  • PLEASE remix, redistribute, make cool things and put them on the internet
  • Attribution is not required, but thank-yous and shout outs are always appreciated

Download Files:

LICENSE NOTE: Only the files in PumpkinPoker.zip are Creative Commons Zero licensed.

All other content is copyright 2022 Ben Johnson All Rights Reserved

Back Story

Carving pumpkins is a slimy mess and takes more time than I have to spend on it… Entertaining 2 kids is challenging at times. This is what we can do, at least until my youngest gets big enough to carve a pumpkin too.

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