Nexus 7 USB Webcam with Torque Track Recorder

I’ve never wanted to embed a tablet in my dash more than I do right now. While browsing reddit a couple days ago, I came across this post about using a USB webcam with an OTG adapter. Which lead me to this page about Nexus 7 webcam. I am a huge fan of Torque OBDIIContinue reading “Nexus 7 USB Webcam with Torque Track Recorder”

The RIPINATOR – Semi-automated DVD Ripping

The Ripinator!!! Motivation: My fiance and I have a stack of DVDs. They’re dusty and inconvenient. I wanted to rip them to my network storage so I can easily watch them from my Boxee Box. It’s not that I’m lazy, but I hate doing repetative things if I can automate it. Overview: I’m using PerlContinue reading “The RIPINATOR – Semi-automated DVD Ripping”

Rimage DTP-4500 RAS 13 Serial Port Cable

I suppose this post is a little out of order. It should have preceded Rimage DTP-4500 RAS 13 Initialization Sequence I had popped the side off my RAS 13 and looked at the port that had been used to control the autoloader. It was a mini din 8 pin port. It was connected to aContinue reading “Rimage DTP-4500 RAS 13 Serial Port Cable”

Perl One-Click DVD Rip with Win32::DriveInfo andDVDFab 8

Continuing my current obsession with ripping DVDs is my perlification of jmos1277’s Automated DVD ripping script using DVDFab I’m using DVDFab to rip since it doesn’t seem to get tripped up as often with weird copy protection crap. Luckily, Win32::DriveInfo will give me the volume name of the DVD. If I get time, I’ll rewriteContinue reading “Perl One-Click DVD Rip with Win32::DriveInfo andDVDFab 8”

Rimage DTP-4500 RAS 13 Serial Control Commands

A continuation of one of my previous projects. Each command starts with the nonprintable ascii character ESC (x1B) and ends with a capital C. Each reply starts with the nonprintable ascii character ESC (x1B) and ends with EOT (x04). Since that looks pretty ugly in a terminal, I replace ESC with a + signContinue reading “Rimage DTP-4500 RAS 13 Serial Control Commands”

Beyond Logic Serial Analyser Log Printing

This was a quick hack with some perl to chop up the logs and spit out the results I wanted. This is not normally something I would share, but I want to be able to find it again, should I have a need for it. The first one replaces the non-printable characters and separates theContinue reading “Beyond Logic Serial Analyser Log Printing”

Rimage DTP-4500 RAS 13 Initialization Sequence

Initialization sequence for Rimage RTP-4500 RAS 13 autoloader duplicator robot. Serial sniffing with Beyond Logic RS-232 Protocol Analyser in ASCII mode. For interception, I made a cable with 2 8-pin mini din connectors wired straight through after patching through a solderless breadboard. Connection to PC is 38400-8-N-1 using hardware flow control. I will post pinoutContinue reading “Rimage DTP-4500 RAS 13 Initialization Sequence”