Glowforge Timelapse with Wyze Cam v3

Creating things with the Glowforge Laser is pretty cool. Showing a time-lapse video of that process is even cooler! Perfect for showing off with YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. In this post: Template for perfect alignment Cover to block glare & reflections Instructions for mounting Instructions for cable management Recommended camera settings Zip file containing positioningContinue reading “Glowforge Timelapse with Wyze Cam v3”

Hikvision Motion Detection in OpenHAB using node.js

Using a node.js module (node-hikvision-api) for accessing a hikvision camera’s built-in motion detection for use in OpenHAB It’s a little annoying how Hikvision exposes the motion events on their cameras. It’s a multipart http stream containing XML. See Hikvision manual Page 176 Section 8.11.30 /ISAPI/Event/notification/alertStream node-hikvision-api abstracts that away a bit so hikmotion.js canContinue reading “Hikvision Motion Detection in OpenHAB using node.js”

rtlamr Power Meter Data in OpenHAB

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could monitor your electricity usage with OpenHAB for less than 20 bucks with the same accuracy your power company uses for billing? Using an inexpensive rtl-sdr dongle, it’s possible to listen for signals from ERT compatible smart meters using rtlamr. This script runs as a daemon, launches rtl_tcp andContinue reading “rtlamr Power Meter Data in OpenHAB”