Glowforge External Venting with Inline Duct Fan

I had some issues with venting my Glowforge Basic. It stunk! The smoke wasn’t reliably venting outside and my office smelled like a campfire. After some investigation, the built-in fan in the Glowforge couldn’t reliably overcome the pressure of the wind blowing on the west side of my house. Adding an inline duct fan overcameContinue reading “Glowforge External Venting with Inline Duct Fan”

Hanging Diamond Planter – Laser Cut SVG File Optimized for Glowforge

SVG Files optimized for Glowforge Laser. NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT.The planter works well as a single piece, or as a set of 3 with the included hanger shelf. Includes full color PDF instructions as well as link to video instructions.

Glowforge / ESPHome / Home-Assistant Light Color Controller

With another baby on the way, it’s time to clear out the nursery. That means we need to turn the guest bedroom into my daughter’s new bedroom. She loves bright colors and color changing lights are super cool. She’s 3, so no Google/Alexa/smartphone… That makes big tough physical buttons important. As far as I canContinue reading “Glowforge / ESPHome / Home-Assistant Light Color Controller”

Glowforge Cut Jewelry Holder (Free Download)

Designed in Fusion 360, modified in Adobe Illustrator, cut from 1/8in white acrylic using a Glowforge Basic My wife wanted a place for the jewelry she wears regularly. Our house has been invaded by geometric shapes recently, so she wanted something more organic this time. I had recently found the Voronoi Sketch Generator for FusionContinue reading “Glowforge Cut Jewelry Holder (Free Download)”