Time Lapse Webcam

Project Requirements At work we needed a time lapse camera of our new student center construction project. It needs to run continuously for entire length of construction project – approx 18 months. It should run mostly unattended. Features It captures 1 picture every 5 minutes. Storage capacity is cheap, so after using excel to makeContinue reading “Time Lapse Webcam”

Controls In (And Working!)

I was finally able to put in the switches and hook up the controls tonight/this morning. Here it is. The jukebox software started right up and everything worked perfectly on the first try. Closeup of the buttons. The protective coating is still on the plexiglas. Here’s the rat-nest of wires in the back. I don’tContinue reading “Controls In (And Working!)”

Jukebox Controls: In Progress

So… with the screen strapped to the back of the craptop, I’ll need some way to control the jukebox. Cheap momentary pushbuttons from RadioShack seemed like a good way to go. This picture isn’t a finished piece, but it shows the buttons wired up into a spare piece of plexiglas for testing. The buttons doContinue reading “Jukebox Controls: In Progress”

XML Boxes

Summertime gets kinda crazy at work… Gotta have some silliness to keep some sanity. I think XML for a pile of trash is silly enough. Who would have known empty boxes use UTF-8? That’s more than a couple boxes! Gotta make sure the rest of the hallway doesn’t get thrown away. 😛