Pegboard & Portable Paint Caddy (Free Download)

Pegboard & Portable paint caddy. Keep 2oz Acrylic paint on the pegboard, carry them off when needed. Designed in Fusion360, made of 3mm baltic birch, cut on Glowforge Basic.

Free SVG download

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Glowforge Timelapse with Wyze Cam v3

Creating things with the Glowforge Laser is pretty cool. Showing a time-lapse video of that process is even cooler! Perfect for showing off with YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

In this post:

  • Template for perfect alignment
  • Cover to block glare & reflections
  • Instructions for mounting
  • Instructions for cable management
  • Recommended camera settings
  • Zip file containing positioning template SVG, cover SVG, Instruction PDF, and recommended Wyze Cam settings PDF

Free download at end of post

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Quiet Dryer Notification for Home Assistant – Home Automation for Babies

My wife and I are new parents. We have an older GE Eterna dryer with a buzzer that can wake the dead. Home automation is all fun and games until you can use it to make major annoyances go away, then it’s no longer a frivolous hobby!

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Home Assistant SNMP Switch for PoE on Cisco 3750

Using the Home Assistant SNMP Switch component with my Cisco 3750 PoE switch, it’s possible to enable or disable PoE on a switch port.

This post on a thread about saving energy via PoE got me close enough to manage the rest.

In the example below, i’m controlling PoE on port 41.
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DIY 3D Printer Enclosure – Single Sheet Melamine

Weekend project 3D printer enclosure. Main concern was controlling noise. Total cost was somewhere around $150 USD.


Designed to be cut from a single 4×8 sheet of 3/4 material. I chose Melamine because it already has a durable finish and is easy to clean. Plans and materials list included below.Continue reading “DIY 3D Printer Enclosure – Single Sheet Melamine”

Hikvision Motion Detection in OpenHAB using node.js

Using a node.js module (node-hikvision-api) for accessing a hikvision camera’s built-in motion detection for use in OpenHAB

It’s a little annoying how Hikvision exposes the motion events on their cameras. It’s a multipart http stream containing XML.

See Hikvision manual Page 176
Section 8.11.30 /ISAPI/Event/notification/alertStream

node-hikvision-api abstracts that away a bit so hikmotion.js can focus on what to do with those events, like update motion contacts in OpenHAB.

hikvision camera with motion events configured
(tested with DS-2CD2332-I & XC-2142FWDI)

linedetect vmd
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